Le Bontà was founded in 1994 in Prato, in the Tuscan hinterland, with the aim of creating sauces, meat sauces and patès that express the best Tuscan gastronomic tradition.
In 2011, the giant Drogheria&Alimentari, leading herb and spice company, purchased Le Bontà, which expanded the productive force of the Tuscan brand while still integrating its rural and genuine identity.
In 2012, the brand Nuova Terra, a valuable player of the cereal, legume and seed market was purchased.
Le Bontà is currently an independent and well-structured company that brings together four high-quality brands that are connected by the aim of providing products with a strong connotation of genuine and natural products.

Le Bontà’s mission

The company’s mission is summed up in one sentence: create superior quality Italian sauces and soups, made with the finest raw materials and able to satisfy all ethical and taste needs of national and European consumers. This is why different brands that are strongly connoted to bring to the shelf a full range of flavour varieties coexist under the “Le Bontà” brand.

  • Nuova Terra: a broad selection of natural and organic cereals, seeds and soups.
  • I Toscanacci: a line of high-quality sauces without preservatives.
  • Bonvé: a line of vegan and organic sauces.
  • Accademia Toscana: a range of sophisticated and very high-quality sauces for the Italian and foreign market.

Le Bontà and the quality

All Le Bontà products are created by our Chefs and manufactured by our company under the careful and constant monitoring of Quality experts. The fundamental ‘ingredients’ for success are innovation and research to continuously improve products and to offer an excellent response to the changing taste trends.
As always, the Group’s Research and Development department plays a key role in the evolution of production lines and the short and long-term development strategies. By uniting all of its resources, Le Bontà can offer high quality and safe products for consumers throughout the world, regarding Nutrition, Health, Wellness, and Taste.